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Dental emergencies can come up suddenly, leaving you in pain and distress. It could be an unexpected toothache, a knocked-out tooth, or an injury to the mouth. However, knowing what happens when going for emergency dental visits will help reduce anxiety and ensure you get timely care. At Emergency Dentistry of Afflux, we understand the importance of awareness, especially in situations like dental emergencies. Thus, we bring this comprehensive guide to educate and aware you of how things go when you visit an emergency dental clinic for a dental emergency. So, let’s get started!

An Overview

Whether you experience an excruciating toothache or knocked out a tooth while playing sports, dealing with these dental emergencies is often incredibly stressful. It leaves you stunned and wondering what to do next. It is important to access emergency dental care timely during these emergencies or else the damage can worsen. You can contact our Emergency Dentistry right away for the best and timely emergency care. However, meanwhile, you may feel anxious or find this situation intimidating. If you know how the procedure goes during a visit to an emergency dental clinic in Mississauga, you may feel a bit calm and relaxed which will help keep the condition under control. 

Initial Contact and Appointment Scheduling

The first response to a dental emergency is approaching a nearby emergency dentist in Mississauga. When you call them, you explain the symptoms, the nature of your dental emergency, and how it happened. It is crucial to convey everything correctly. The expert on the call may ask you a few questions like:

  • Is there swelling on the cheeks?
  • Is your tooth entirely knocked out or cracked?
  • Did you store the broken dental piece?
  • Is bleeding constant? 
  • Is pain severe? 

Your responses to these questions will help the expert provide you with some tips to prevent further damage by stopping bleeding and reducing pain. Further, you might be asked to visit the dental office immediately, especially if the emergency involves severe pain, bleeding, or a knocked-out tooth. When you approach our emergency dental clinic in Mississauga, we aim to provide you with the earliest possible appointment to address your concerns in the best possible way.

Arrival and Check-In

Upon arriving at the dental office, if the condition is too critical, you will be directed to an evaluation and diagnosis procedure where a specialist will conduct a thorough examination of your mouth condition. The person accompanying you will be asked to fill out some forms detailing your personal and medical information. If the condition is manageable, you will be asked to fill out forms and reveal your dental history. Provide accurate information as it helps the dentist make informed decisions about your care.

Evaluation and Diagnosis

Once you arrive at the dental emergency clinic and complete the required check-in formalities, a comprehensive evaluation, and diagnosis will be conducted. An assigned dentist will perform a thorough examination of your mouth, teeth, and gums. They will also evaluate the cheeks and jawline to determine if there is any impact on the outer part of the mouth. To get a clearer picture of the issue, dental X-rays may be taken. These X-rays display a detailed picture of the dental structure, jaw, and gums, making it easier for an emergency dentist in Mississauga to detect damaged areas, hidden infections, and fractured teeth.

Pain Management

Managing pain is a top priority in emergency dental care. Depending on how severe pain you are experiencing, the dentist may administer local anesthesia to numb the affected area. They may also utilize cold compression to get the pain and swelling under control. As soon as you feel better, they may start with the next procedure. 

Emergency Dental Treatment

The treatment you receive during an emergency dental visit will depend on the nature and severity of your condition. Here are some common emergency dental services that you may receive:

  1. Tooth Extraction: Tooth extraction is the process of pulling out a severely damaged or infected tooth. This procedure becomes necessary if the tooth cannot be saved.
  2. Dental Fillings: Dental filling is used to restore the function and appearance of a minorly damaged or decayed tooth. While using this procedure, an emergency dentist in Mississauga may place a filling on damaged or decayed parts of teeth.
  3. Root Canal Therapy: When the infection is in the pulp of your tooth, root canal therapy may be performed by dentists. This procedure involves cleaning deep into teeth by removing infected tissues and sealing them.
  4. Tooth Reattachment: If you’ve had a knocked-out tooth and you preserved the tooth properly, the dentist may attempt to reattach the tooth. The chances of a successful reimplantation are higher if the treatment is done within an hour of the tooth being knocked out.
  5. Temporary Solutions: In some cases, especially severe ones, complex procedures are required. Your dentist may provide temporary relief, such as a temporary crown or filling. But, you will have to undergo a proper dental procedure later as recommended by the dentist. 

Post-Treatment Care and Future Prevention

Once the treatment is done, the dentist will give you detailed instructions on how to care for your mouth as it heals. You may be required to avoid certain hard-to-chew foods and acidic or alcoholic drinks. Also, proper oral hygiene needs to be maintained for faster recovery. In addition, the dentist might recommend follow-up appointments to monitor how it heals and address any additional concerns.


Although dealing with a dental emergency can be frightening, being prepared can ease your mind and help deal with the situation rightly. Your dental health is our top priority at our Emergency Dentistry, and we’re committed to offering the fastest possible emergency dental care in Mississauga. Our team is prepared to provide expert care for your needs, making sure you leave our clinic with a sense of relief and assurance regarding your dental health. Always keep in mind that prompt action and expert care are essential in any dental emergency to avoid more problems and ensure a quick recovery. 

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