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Preventative-DentistryWhen it comes to maintaining optimal oral health and hygiene, preventative dentistry and regular oral care play a significant role. At Afflux Dentistry, we conduct oral exams and treatments to help our patients in keeping the dental problems at bay. From identifying the underlying oral hygiene issues to educating patients on dental health, our team of dentists provide a comprehensive range of services for preventative dentistry in Ontario that comprises of regular dental examination and teeth cleaning.

What’s Included in Your First Dental Appointment?

At afflux dentistry, every regular dental exam we conduct consists of an assessment of teeth and gums for conditions such as ulcers, abscesses, cavities and plaque. We may also take an x-ray to get a better view of your mouth. If you are under any medication, do inform our dentists to avoid any complications.

In case we notice any underlying condition or symptoms of cavity or gingivitis, we’ll inform you right away and will recommend the possible treatment options. During the exam, our dentist will use instruments to remove the plaque and tartar from teeth.

Prevention Starts With Taking Care Of Teeth

If you want to avoid dental complications and oral health issues in the long run, focus on healthy eating, daily brushing and flossing. Good dental hygiene begins at home and is the key to healthy teeth and smile.

Other than this, regular visits to a local dentist in Ontario for a routine dental exam plays a crucial role in eliminating the risk of cavities and other gum diseases. By ensuring the right care and treatment, we make sure your natural teeth last as long as possible.

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