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Advanced-TechnologyOur team of highly qualified dentists at afflux dentistry continuously remain updated with advanced dental technology so that we can provide our clients with better, comfortable and precise dental care possible. We are equipped with tools that help us to find, diagnose and treat the dental problems in the least time.

Thus, we can provide our patients with comprehensive dental services to get their gorgeous smile back. The dental technology has brought us several types of equipment to ease our dental work, and some are as given below:

Our Treatments

  • Intraoral Camera, using this device, dentists can take a close-up, high definition image of your teeth to evaluate your dental health and find out the problematic area.
  • Digital X-Rays is another diagnostic tool that enables a dentist to point out the earliest signs of problems below your teeth and implements right dental treatment.
  • Trios Digital Impression System takes a few non-contact scans of your mouth and generates a fully digital 3D image of your teeth as quickly as possible.
  • Soft Tissue Laser Cleaning is the highly concentrated beam of light that removes the harmful bacteria without damaging the gums tissue.
  • Nitrous Oxide Dental Sedation helps to feel the patients relaxed and comfortable during the dental procedure as it reduces the feeling of pain and anxiety.

We strive to provide satisfied dental service to our clients, and this is why we emphasize on involving the latest tools and techniques in our dentistry. If you are ready to find what else is available in our dental clinic in Mississauga, Ontario, contact us at Afflux Dentistry for more information.

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How Modern Dentistry Makes a Difference for Patients

Modern advanced dental treatments and services help dental professionals give their patients better dental care. Modern dentistry has enhanced patient experience, procedures, and tools. These advanced dental treatments and services have made it easier for patients to seek dental care and for dentists to deliver a great dental experience for their patients.

What is the most complex dental procedures?

A complex dental procedure requires multiple procedures and takes a long time to complete. Complex dentistry extends beyond simple tooth whitening and cosmetic dentistry enhancements. However, advanced dental treatments and services made it easier for people to seek dental care and dentists.

What is the best dental treatment?

Advanced dental treatments and services are improving how dental procedures are carried out. Dentists try to treat patients with minimal pain and recovery time, making every procedure the best. However, the best dental treatments are tooth whitening, dental implants, veneers, and crowns.

What are the best teeth restoration?

Advanced dental treatment and services can resolve any oral issue, regardless of severity. There are currently various best tooth restoration alternatives available for those with visible and embarrassing dental problems, such as fillings, crowns, dental bridges, implants, or teeth whitening.

How does laser dentistry work?

Laser dentistry is an advanced dental treatment and service that utilizes heat and light to conduct a wide range of dental treatments. Laser dentistry is particularly useful in the treatment of gum disease, particularly gingivitis and periodontitis.