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Teeth-WhiteningAging, injuries, diet, and several other factors result in dull and yellowish teeth. If your teeth have lost their pearly white impression, then visit our Teeth Whitening Mississauga clinic to restore your teeth’ appearance. At Afflux Dentistry, we provide you with teeth whitening which is a dental procedure of removing stains and other discoloration.

Why do you need it?

Teeth whitening can enhance self-confidence which affects your personality in a positive way. When it comes to teeth whitening, there are two options, i.e. in-office and home remedies. But, if you are looking for instant teeth whitening solution, then choose the best teeth whitening Mississauga Clinic  & boost your smile.

Two Types Of Teeth Whitening

At afflux dentistry, our qualified dentists provide a spectrum of family and general dentistry treatments by following the safe procedures and approach that plays a great role in ensuring good oral health. We are equipped with the right equipment to address all your oral concerns. Our treatments include but are not limited to:

  • Vital Whitening: This one is the common procedure that refers to the color correction of your teeth with stained enamel. It includes the gel whitening solution to whiten the enamel of your teeth. The whitening gel may have hydrogen peroxide.
  • Non-Vital Teeth Whitening: This process refers to the tooth whitening procedure for the tooth that has had a root canal. After a root canal treatment, the pulp inside of the tooth begins to darken. To whiten that tooth, the dentist will apply the whitening agent directly inside of the tooth.

Our Professional Teeth Whitening Services

With us, you will get professional and advanced teeth whitening services in Mississauga by experienced dentists. The procedure is very simple that begins by evaluating the condition of your teeth to determine whether you need vital or non-vital teeth whitening services. The entire teeth whitening process will take a couple of minutes, and we guarantee you will be getting a brighter or confident smile.


How much does teeth whitening cost in Mississauga?

The cost of the teeth whitening in Mississauga depends on your chosen process, the number of sessions needed, the shade of whitening you want, and other additional treatments. The average cost of laser teeth whitening in Mississauga is $800-$1,500.

Is it worth it to get your teeth professionally whitened?

Professional teeth whitening is safe, effective, and performed under the supervision of a dentist. When it comes to getting long-lasting and risk-free results, professional teeth whitening is almost always worth the cost.

Is laser whitening better than bleaching?

Yes, Laser whitening is better than bleaching as it is far faster. This professional teeth whitening in Mississauga can make your teeth two to eight shades whiter and only takes up to an hour. The results can last up to five years.

How many sessions does it take to whiten teeth?

Most people only need one teeth whitening session, even though they may have to use the bleaching agent more than once. In-office teeth whitening in Mississauga usually take one or two visits and produces results in a couple of hours.

Does whitening damage teeth?

Teeth whitening in Mississauga is a quick and easy approach to removing stains from your teeth. If you use it right, it won’t destroy tooth enamel or hurt your teeth.

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