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patientPlanning to visit Afflux Dentistry’s family dental clinic for the first time? On your first appointment with us, you’ll be given a brief tour of our dental clinic by our front desk staff. This is done to make you familiar with our dentists and facility. Soon after that, you’ll be directed to the treatment room where our dentist will listen about your dental health and medical history.

After a few minutes of consultation, a dental exam will be conducted to have a clear look at your oral health issues. Once completed, we’ll discuss the results with you and also the possible treatment options, if needed.

What To Expect From Us?

We know that having dental pain can be frustrating and visiting a dentist can be overwhelming. As a new patient, there are many things you can expect from us on your very first appointment. If you are anxious or worried about the pain, stay calm as our procedures are less painful and non-invasive. Our dentists focus on simplifying the treatment process and make it simple and easy for you.

Booking/ Confirming Your Dental Appointment

All dental schedules and appointments are booked by our receptionist or front desk personnel. We organize and coordinate your dental appointment as per the schedule of our dentists and dental assistants.

Our staff will call you within 24 hrs to confirm your appointment prior to the scheduled date via phone or email. We would be more than happy to assist you.

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