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In the new COVID world, we have implemented additional precautions to ensure your and our safety.

To protect against Covid-19, we are layering on the following:

  • Over the phone and in-person screening to assess each patient’s risk level
  • Daily screening of staff members to assess their risk level
  • In person screening with infrared thermometer to measure temperature and pulp oximeter
  • Glass barriers at the front desk to impede the spread of aerosols
  • Use of HEPA filters to purify air generated by aerosol procedures.
  • Use of high volume suction devices in each patient’s mouth to prevent the spread of aerosols
  • Additional PPE that will be replaced between each patient
  • Each operatory remains closed during procedure with glass door separation to prevent spread of aerosols
  • Cleaning and disinfecting door knobs, waiting chairs and waiting area after each patient
  • Adjusting the appointment times to minimize the number of people in the waiting room at any one time
  • Hand sanitizer stations throughout the office for both staff and patients to use

We will continue to monitor the situation and modify our protocols as and when needed to ensure the safety of your families as well as ours.

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