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Dry mouth/Xerostomia

Saliva is crucial to the well being of your mouth and gums. It acts as an agent that removes and flushes out harmful bacteria from your mouth. Consistent dry mouth can lead to bad breath, soreness, infections, and tooth decay. Saliva is also protective of tooth enamel, and without it, you are much more prone to a cavity.

If you are on medications where a side effect is dry mouth, ask your doctor; you might need supplement to increase your salivary flow.

Gingival and periodontal disease

Diabetics who mismanage their blood glucose are more prone to bleeding gums [Gingivitis] and damaging to the soft tissue surrounding tooth and bone [periodontitis] which can be a painful and uncomfortable experience. Gum disease can manifest quicker and more severely in diabetics and may lead to loose teeth at an early age.

Poor healing of tissue

Diabetics tend to heal more slowly after any oral surgery or dental engagements– this is due to the fact that the blood flow is altered and not operating in an efficient way. Therefore you need to keep sugar under control if you are planning for any tooth extraction or any oral surgical procedure otherwise can results in poor healing.


People with diabetes may be on antibiotics to deal with bacterial infections. This also makes them more prone to fungal infections in the mouth and on the tongue. Dentures are another way for a fungus to gain a foothold in your mouth. If you are constantly wearing them– or not cleaning them properly– it can lead to infections in your mouth.

If you have diabetes, it is imperative that you maintain a proper oral hygiene. For that proper brushing; flossing and a regular dental check up is necessary. Just give us a call on 905-232-3133 to book your dental appointment at Afflux Dentistry

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