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Crooked, damaged, missing and other unhealthy teeth can be a massive source of insecurity. Try not to allow this group of dental issues to keep you from having the perfect smile. Would you like to know as much as possible concerning what happens during the process? However, it is challenging to undergo a full mouth reconstruction. In the meantime there are also many lasting benefits you don’t want to give up. Let’s keep scrolling the blog to get everything you need to know about full mouth reconstruction in Canada.

What Is Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction is the most common way of rebuilding or supplanting all or several missing or damaged teeth in a patient’s mouth. It is broadly utilized in cosmetic dentistry to work on the overall aesthetics of the mouth. The potential treatment choices that are mostly included in this Full mouth reconstruction are colored tooth fillings, veneers, crowns, bridges, dental embeds, bone and tissue uniting, orthodontic supports or aligners, and removable false teeth (dentures). Full mouth reconstruction could be a vast treatment and moreover could take more time than a year or more to finish. But once the treatment procedure is complete, you will be able to smile widely and live more comfortably doing your day-to-day routines.

How Does Full Mouth Reconstruction Treatment Work?

If you are looking to move forward with a full mouth reconstruction procedure, the overall treatments included may vary from patient to patient. Just your dental specialist and the experts can figure out what methods are essential for your particular dental case.

Still, If you are wondering how truly the treatment works, you might have to go through a series of treatments and phases. Your mouth will initially be examined with X-rays and a dental CT scan to create a 3D model of your teeth. Based on your teeth model, your dentist will make a treatment plan and discuss the most suitable options with you. The following are some treatments and procedures that may be included, depending upon your oral health condition:


  • Prophylactic teeth cleaning and periodontal care
  • The Gum tissue contouring to achieve the balance required
  • Bone or soft tissue grafting improves teeth’ stability
  • Preparation of teeth structure to replace it with crowns, bridges, or veneers
  • Temporary restorations arrangement for your new mouth or bite alignment
  • Permanent restorations, such as bridges, crowns, veneers, etc
  • Orthodontics, such as braces or Invisalign, can guide your teeth into the right position for reconstruction
  • Implant placement and restoration
  • Extending your crown to expose healthy tooth structure

What are the Benefits of the Procedure?

A full mouth reconstruction in Canada provides you with a wide range of benefits such as:

Improve Dental Structure and Strength:

Teeth gums and jawbones are responsible for holding your teeth in place. If one of these two gets affected by oral problems, there is a genuine chance of tooth loss. A full mouth reconstruction procedure can improve the stability of your dental structures. It helps your mouth, jaw bone, joint, and gums to be better and stronger than before.

Improved Oral Health:

One of the main advantages  is that it further works on your oral health as it targets issues like tooth decay and gum problems that lead to tooth loss and consequential loss of chewing capacity, TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder coming up because of pressure on joints. Improving these issues early enables us to gain better outcomes with less complicated treatments, less treatment time, and low treatment prices too.

Helps to Improve Confidence:

Patients who are undergoing oral issues are very introverted and scared to smile near their loved ones, not to mention about the new individuals they meet. This makes it difficult to associate with others, be fully drawn to working, or follow their personal goals. Going through a full mouth reconstruction helps to bring back their confidence.

Helps to Achieve Better Overall Health and Wellbeing:

Oral health issues are directly or indirectly linked to the advanced growth of various chronic health issues like high blood pressure, type II diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease and even cancers. Luckily, a full mouth reconstruction treatment can keep your oral health in a full health condition. This is the reason why It is always recommended to check out your oral health problems immediately.

How Much Does Full Mouth Reconstruction Costs in Canada?

Full mouth reconstruction is a procedure that addresses various dental problems. Due to the involvement of different procedures, The overall cost can go from a little deduction to the cost of another vehicle, depending on the condition of your teeth. Your dental specialist’s level of expertise, the quality and type of treatments you receive, and the effort given for the planning of your treatment. On average, full mouth reconstruction costs in Canada can vary from $5,000 – $10,000. It is necessary to talk to your dentist about your monetary limits and requirement. When your dentist understands your situation, you can focus your conversation on treatment choices that can be made affordable through insurance coverage and cash-based prerequisites.

Final Take-Away:

A full mouth reconstruction can be one of the most worthwhile investments you will ever make if you suffer from a compromised smile. The usefulness of treatment work for missing teeth, ill gums, and other dental issues. It is one of the progressive dental procedures that can change your oral health completely. If you are looking for the best dental services in Canada, Choose Afflux Dentistry. With the advice and guidance of our dentists, you’ll get a custom and effective treatment plan. Get in touch with us as soon as possible for more information about treatment options.

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